Welcome to my website.

My name is Sayed Ahad Abbas and I'm a Software Engineer by profession. I'm a Full Stack developer by hobby and I also love to write novels, watch sci-fi movies, read about stars, solar system and space! Coding is in my blood and it makes me feel in control!

Jokes apart, I code because I'm pretty good at it. I spend a huge amount of my time in practising and learning, so that I could optimize my solutions. COding has opened up an entirely different dimension for me. Earlier, I used to worry about people, and now, I worry about the missing semi-colon! Haha!

So far, I haven't achieved much in life, apart from several public repos (find detail in further pages), few apps on the PlayStore (App store is really expensive for me!), or the lessons that I learned from my mistakes. So, I use all of my skills and experience to create something that might help others so that they don't make the mistakes that I made. After all, we all should keep inventing mistakes, right? ;)

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I love to hear from people, even if it be my criticism. So, whether you're a prospective investor looking to invest in some crazy idea, or a vivid learner, post me anything that you'd want to talk about!